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December 11, 2014, 11:54 am
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December 11, 2014, 11:54 am
stories for toddlers
Cute animal and his funny story that teaches about protecting the planet and nature. Interactive tale for toddlers, goat in the woods in trouble. Easy way to learn reading by having the tale spoken by a narrator. Truly your kids can help him while learning reading. It is a storytelling interactive tale about a chamois, sim of having a storyteller reading the story to your toddlers. Anyones kids must like this. Cute drawings to have fun with and learn. Learning apps which is kids proof because of the lack of payments. Interactive story about goat for toddlers and babies. Educational tale play for your 6 year old babies who surely love goats. 5 year old children will love it, storybook, and also will any other toddlers which knows how to swipe his finger on the screen. Casual to watch and fun to get in touch with outdoors.

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06.10.14 (14:30:28)
space shooter
Gameplay replicates strike team on the modern battlefield with a modern look. Critical strike at its best. Whether you like to hunt down your opponents from distances or to snipe them from the horizon. It's almost like Edge of Tomorrow just featuring cosmic enemies. Unknown to the mankind previously, kind discovered on the surface of Mars. Feel the call of duty and go on a gunfire rampage as you will be the greatest sniper, murdering space bugs like deer in the forest. Weapons that will be to your hands are not far and numerous, but they are good enough to defeat any challenge you will ever meet. Handle the never ending influx of interplanetary dread, kill the cosmic zombies to their death and watch them disintegrate and die. Only the grandest exploits of modern combat can change the flow of this interplanetary combat. In the midst of the scarlet dunes of Saturn fps gameplay can be extensive and enrapturing. Done on the unity mobile app framework, this modern combat simulator will give you the vibe of actually bearing the heavy shadowgun in your fingers. Exclusively today free dead space.Mass of dead in space will traumatize you. Many sniper shooters have died in the past you so this edge of tomorrow will deliver you the most fun and dazzling anguish anytime. Though you have to be aware that this ain't Deer Hunter - there is true blood and true sweat because you'll be fighting the war for Earth, as the skirmish on the exotic battlefield shall decide the fate of the galaxy. The heed of your call of duty will drive you to your extent, as the galactic horror shall bring you trials and grief of large extent. Install it quick and be the top shadowgun rifleman, while leading the modern warfare combat. Wire up your shadowgun and get in position; position your hand dead on the trigger and spin the barrel of your shadow gun of preference. This mobile aplication get on the android market for your enjoyment.

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10.09.14 (15:41:33)
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